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Hello, We Are Just A Girl

At Just A Girl, we have conversations about stuff that matters.

Conversations about what happens when we bump face-first into patriarchy and privilege. About what it means to raise your voice in a world that's asking you to sit down, be quiet and smile. About how it feels to be a warrior, a sister, a mother and a businesswoman often in the same moment. Or that sometimes you feel so small and powerless that you aren’t sure where to even begin. Each day we dig our hands into the earth, shaping a more equitable, prosperous future for everyone. But that comes at a cost. Instead of pushing all this under the rug, let's

give it the fresh air, sunshine and attention it deserves.

Because you are so much more than just a girl. It's about time we talk about how.

IMG_20180816_165506 (1).jpg
Kirsten Helgeson


Kirsten is a social entrepreneur, activist and auntie to the world.

She's embraced being the mouthy but kind voice of reason in most situations and actively advocates for people at varying points on the privilege spectrum. She loves dance parties, international travel and coffee.

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