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Participate in the Girl Talk Podcast

We're so excited for you to participate in Girl Talk! The podcast for women to talk about difficult emotions and experiences in a safe, kind way. It's entirely anonymous, so no need to worry about what people will say or think. Our goal is to create a safe space for women to talk about the things weighing heavy on their hearts. We record and share that conversation, to help us heal emotional wounds. Think of it as a conversation between old friends. No topic is taboo. Our conversation will be guided by what you want to talk about.

We believe that every voice matters, so we encourage girls of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs to participate. Gender non-conforming and transgender women are also welcome. We work hard to ensure there's a seat at our table for everyone.


Girl Talk has two main categories: 1x1 Conversations and Small Group Discussions. Within those categories are slightly different formats. You can select the formats that make you most comfortable. This includes:















So let's get started! Here's where to begin: 

1) Fill out the Girl Talk Questionnaire below. We have a few questions that will help us get to know you and your preferences. Once you submit your answers, our team will follow up with specific logistical details like date, timing and location (virtual or physical) to record your podcast. And if you get stuck or need to talk it through, feel free to send us a quick email at All personal information - like your name, location and contact information - are for internal, administrative use only. Just A Girl Media will keep this information confidential.

2) Sign up as a member on Just A Girl. There is no cost - there are no strings attached. Membership is key to building and maintaining a global sisterhood of solutions and support. This will allow you to connect with other members, comment, share and post throughout the Just A Girl platform. Simply click the box that says "Login / Sign Up" and get your profile going. You can also use an avatar of your choosing to maintain complete anonymity. You do not need to be a member to participate in Girl Talk.



1x1 with Just A Girl Founder Kirsten Helgeson


1x1 with a girl that shares a similar experience


1x1 with a friend of yours


Discussion with girls that share similar experiences


Discussion with girls that have varying experiences

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