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Disha Ravindra is a junior at Washington High School in Fremont, California. Born in India and raised in Bangalore for the first half of our life, she is very proud of her culture and fluent in Kannada and Konkani, her native languages. From a very young age, Ravindra has been active in the community, participating in Girl Scouts since she was eight years old and has been a camp counselor for Girl Scouts since she was 12 years old. Ravindra has particularly been active in the women's movement, holding seminars on gender equality in employment and recently participating in a walkout in protest of the recent abortion ban in Georgia. She also holds bi-monthly workshops to educate the community of issues in our society right now and guides them on how to get invovled. Ravindra is dedicated to bringing change to the world for the better, and hopes to create a force to educate the community of the problems of the world and encourage them to take their solutions and ideas at to the top. A recent 2nd place winner of the NGN Global Challenges Competition, Ravindra enjoys reading, writing, music and playing with her dog. She aspires to work in the field of psychology.

Disha Ravindra

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