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We help individuals, communities and companies evolve using Inclusive Mental Health, our holistic approach to driving meaningful action. It's our unique blend of diversity, inclusion, psychology, leadership development and change management principles. Think of Inclusive Mental Health as the special sauce that helps you heal, grow and thrive in a changing world.

To do that, we help you cultivate the skillset to dismantle the systems of patriarchy and oppression in your everyday life. This includes trainings, classes, data for good, tech for good and consulting.

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Privilege Awakening

Our five-stage proprietary framework that helps people navigate their privilege and become functional allies.

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Build A Self-Care Plan

Learn how to build a Self-Care Plan, creating healthy coping mechanisms to better tackle everything from everyday stress to trauma.

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Build A Healthy Community

 This class helps you build a personal Community Care Plan, aligning your actions

to the needs of your community.

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Psychological First Aid

Boost resiliency and support the mental health needs of the communities you serve with our Psychological First Aid Training.

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Mental Health Barometer

The only study tracking the mental and emotional well-being of people globally

on a monthly basis.

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Tech for Good

Tech has the potential to transform global public health. Just A Girl is creating ways to bring this to life.

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