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Writer Guidelines

At Just A Girl, we have conversations about stuff that matters. Conversations about what happens when we bump face-first into patriarchy and privilege. About what it means to raise your voice in a world that's asking you to sit down, be quiet and smile. About how it feels to be a warrior, a sister, a mother and a businesswoman often in the same moment. Or that sometimes you feel so small and powerless that you aren’t sure where to even begin. Each day we dig our hands into the earth, shaping a more equitable, prosperous future for everyone. But that comes at a cost. Instead of pushing all this under the rug, let's give it the fresh air, sunshine and attention it deserves. 


Because you are so much more than just a girl. It's about time we talk about how.




We believe that vulnerability is one of the greatest forms of courage. It's this vulnerability that creates safe space. Helps us to see that we aren't alone. Builds a global community of trust and compassion. And from this place of strength and unity, literally anything is possible. It's because of you that we can build this community. So let's get started! Here's where to begin: 


1) Sign up as a member on Just A Girl. It's totally free - there are no strings attached. Membership is key to building and maintaining a global sisterhood of solutions and support. This will allow you to connect with other members, comment, share and post throughout the Just A Girl platform. Simply click the box that says "Login / Sign Up" and get your profile going. You can also use an avatar of your choosing to maintain complete anonymity.


2) Start contributing! You simply need to log into the member portal and post articles freely. Below are the editorial guidelines, and be sure to also keep the Site Rules & FAQ in mind as you write. And if you get stuck or need to talk an idea through, feel free to send us a quick email. Our moderators do read every article, to ensure it aligns with the Just A Girl spirit.


3) Podcast!! Don't forget to sign up for the Girl Talk Podcast! Where women talk about difficult emotions and experiences in a safe, kind way. It's entirely anonymous, so no need to worry about what people will say or think. Our goal is to create a safe space for women to talk about the things weighing heavy on their hearts. We record and share that conversation, to help us heal emotional wounds. Simply answer a few questions to get started.


4) Share! We hope you share lots of articles and podcasts - including your own. And encourage all the girls you know to join in. We're always looking to grow our contributor base, as well as encouraging every girl to spend time with the JAG community. Below is a copy of the Just A Girl logo, in case you'd like to add it to any of your social media profiles. And here are our social media handles, as we'd love for you to follow!


Facebook: @justagirlglobal

Instagram: @justagirl_global

Twitter: @justagirlgloba1


If you have questions, get stuck or just need a second opinion, feel free to reach out to We're so thrilled to have you as a Just A Girl Contributor! Together, we're going to have honest conversations that build a brave, unified global sisterhood capable of anything. Sending you much love and gratitude...




Kirsten Helgeson and the Just A Girl Team


There are no formal rules on article length. A good guideline is between 300-900 words.

Topics can cover a wide range of subjects, and if you need inspiration, please visit the forum. We ask that each contributor speak from the heart, lean into patience and strive for compassion even when opinions may differ.


Be sure to site all research, statistics, sources or medical stats you use in your articles. And be sure that you're citing reputable sources only. You must also have permission to use any third-party text, photos, videos or other content.


If you are telling the story of another person, be sure to have their permission to share their story, or remove details that would make the person identifiable. Maintaining respect and trust is paramount.

No Promos

JAG isn't about selling products or services. Please do not post sales-focused articles.

If you're writing about a company that you have a relationship with, please make that clear. With that said, we do want contributors to feel free to talk about the great organizations they're building or encountering.


JAG reserves the right to remove any inappropriate, explicit, vulgar, derogatory, or otherwise explicitly offensive content. We encourage healthy discourse on difficult subject matter. But any deliberately offensive material will be subject to removal.

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