Hello, We Are Just A Girl

Just A Girl uses technology to foster inclusive mental health and womxn's empowerment efforts globally.

Our goal is simple: elevate our emotions, experiences and voices as womxn. Our work has two streams:


Support & Solutions.


Our Support initiatives focus on building community. We do that by holding safe space for the difficult,

as well as the beautiful, aspects of our lives as womxn (knowing that both often exist at the same time).

This includes our podcasting and on-demand radio programs as well as the Just A Girl online forum.

Our Solutions initiatives focus on driving meaningful action for individuals, communities and companies. We do that by crafting ways for people to learn, grow and dismantle systems of patriarchy and oppression around them. This includes trainings, classes, tech for good, data for good and consulting.

You are so much more than just a girl. It's time we talk about how.

Kirsten Helgeson


Kirsten is a social change strategist and advocate, using tech to drive mental health and women's empowerment efforts globally. She's embraced being the mouthy but kind voice of reason in most situations and actively advocates for people at varying points on the privilege spectrum. She loves nerdy dance parties, international travel and coffee.


Kirsten believes in active compassion, creativity and connection. That if we want to make the world a better place, we have to start by building authentic, honest relationships. Her goal is to build a global sisterhood of support and solutions capable of helping all 4 billion women on the planet thrive.

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