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Site Rules

Be kind and respectful. Disagreeing is ok. Being mean is not.

Offensive content will be removed.


Different ages, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are welcome here.


No spamming.

We all have enough random promos and ads

in our lives.


This is a safe space for all girls and women. There is no room for judgement or negativity here.


Speak up. We can't change what we don't talk about. So lean in, share, collaborate. 

  • What do you mean by girls?
    We have an expansive, inclusive definition of girls that includes: Anyone born biologically female Anyone that self-identifies as a woman or girl Gender non-conforming and gender fluid people There is also no age limit in our definition of a girl. We want teen girls as well as 95-year-old girls to have a voice at our table. All are welcome here.
  • I'd like to be a contributor and tell my story. How do I do that?
    Awesome! Every JAG member can be a contributor. Click on the "How to Be A Contributor" button on the Homepage or About Us page for details.
  • Do I need to be a member to post in the Forum?
    Yes, you do need to be a member to post in the Forum. Trust and integrity are very important to Just A Girl, so you can rest assured that we will never sell the information you provide as a member.
  • Is there a cost to membership?
    Nope - it's totally free and there are no strings attached.
  • I have an actual question. How do I get in touch?
    Just email us at and we'll get back to you with an answer!
  • Does Just A Girl share the same beliefs and opinions as it's contributors?
    Just A Girl is a safe space for the voices of girls from across the world. We publish content written by outside contributors that have varying experiences, backgrounds and perspectives - this is expected and welcome. The wide-ranging opinions published do not necessarily reflect our own.
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