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Our emotions shape the world around us, driving how we take care of ourselves, how we nurture relationships and even how we foster community. At Just A Girl, we want to know how you're doing.


Using the interactive dial below, toggle through the different colors, symbols and words until you find an emotion that feels right. Then add your name, home country and any additional thoughts you have in the open space provided. Finish up by hitting "save."


We compile all responses into Just A Girl's Mental Health Barometer, the only ongoing study tracking the evolving mental health of people globally. We plan to issue the findings on a monthly basis, driving a global conversation on the reality of mental health. Your responses also help Just A Girl develop tools that help people, communities and organizations better understand mental health and drive global progress on resources and support efforts.


We do not include any personal identifiable information in the Mental Health Barometer.

By using this tool, you agree to Just A Girl's research participation agreement.

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